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Philip Reinagle

Mrs. Congreve and Her Children in Their London Drawing Room, 1782, Philip ReinagleThe Afternoon Shoot, Philip ReinagleLandscape with Cupid Aiming an Arrow at a Parrot or Queen Flower, from The Temple of Flora, Philip Reinagle
Portrait of Two BoysButterfly Botanical I, Mark CatesbyButterfly Botanical II, Mark Catesby
Rosa Centrifolia, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéRosa Damascena Celsiana, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéRosa Indica Vulgaris, Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Rosa Noisettiana, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéPresent for My Sister, Piat Joseph SauvageSeasons, Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Seasons, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéCereus, Christoph Jacob TrewMagnolia, Christoph Jacob Trew
Magnolia, Christoph Jacob TrewPeacock, SosenGeese Over a Beach, Maruyama Okyo
Winter Party, ToyoharuProspect of Southwick House, George BarretPortrait of Two Boys
Camellias, Suzuki Motonaga KiitsuSkater, Gilbert StuartBlind-Mans Buff, Jean-Honoré Fragonard
Mlle. Dubois, Nicolas de LargilliereViews of Modern Rome, 18th Century, Giovanni Paolo PanniniCherubs Painting, Angelica Kauffmann
Cherubs Painting, Angelica KauffmannCherubs Sculpture, Angelica KauffmannCherubs Sculpture, Angelica Kauffmann
Cherubs Painting, Angelica KauffmannCherubs Music, Angelica KauffmannCherubs Music, Angelica Kauffmann
Cherubs Architecture, Angelica KauffmannCherubs Architecture, Angelica KauffmannVase of Flowers, Cornelis van Spaendonck
Royal Botanical I, Georg Dionysius EhretRoyal Botanical II, Georg Dionysius EhretRoyal Botanical III, Georg Dionysius Ehret
Royal Botanical IV, Georg Dionysius EhretRoyal Botanical V, Georg Dionysius EhretRoyal Botanical VI, Georg Dionysius Ehret
Iris, Sydenham Teast EdwardsLemon of Genova, Johann Christof VolckamerLemon of Scorza, Johann Christof Volckamer
Lemon of Cedrato, Johann Christof VolckamerAmaryllis Umbella, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéAmaryllis Vittata, Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Oystermouth Castle, Nathanial BuckAlnwick Castle, Nathanial BuckFowey Castle, Nathanial Buck
Rhinoceros, Julius Caesar IbbetsonCamel, Julius Caesar IbbetsonDelicate Fern I, Sir Hans Sloane
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