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Thomas P. Rossiter

Picnic By the Lake, Thomas P. RossiterMuses and Graces, Thomas P. RossiterCarnival, William Wyld
Harvesting, William Frederick WitheringtonOn the Cottage Steps, Theodore GerardStill Life of Primulas & Chaffinch
Wildcat, John James AudubonSelbys Flycatcher, John James AudubonVigors Warbler, John James Audubon
Twosome, Terry FrostLeg Wrapping, Terry FrostRosa Bifera Officinalis, Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Rosa Centrifolia, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéRosa Damascena Celsiana, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéRosa Indica Vulgaris, Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Rosa Noisettiana, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéMeet, John Frederick Herring IStymied, Terry Frost
Seasons, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéSeasons, Pierre-Joseph RedoutéTavern, John A. Puller
Black-Tailed Deer, John James AudubonVirginian Deer, John James AudubonJerked Down, Charles Marion Russell
When East Meets West, Charles Marion RussellCamp Cooks Troubles, Charles Marion RussellStrawberries in a Wicker Basket, Eloise Harriet Stannard
Innocent Allies, Charles Marion RussellDoubtful Handshake, Charles Marion RussellFork-Tailed Flycatcher, John James Audubon
Pipiry Flycatcher, John James AudubonYellow Red-Poll Warbler, John James AudubonHummingbirds & Two Var.of Orchds
Rail Shooting, Terry FrostReady for the Net, Terry FrostQuail Shooting, Terry Frost
Cambodian Dancers, Auguste RodinDanseuses en Bleu, Edgar DegasWaterfall in the Adirondacks, Winslow Homer
Beauty Parlor, Charles Marion RussellBreaking Home Ties, Thomas HovendenFerry, Frederick Morgan
Introduction, Heywood HardyVirgin, Abbott Handerson ThayerPicking Flowers for a Posy, Charles Haigh-Wood
CourtesanNiagara Falls, Frederic Edwin ChurchSailing, Jasper Francis Cropsey
Rocky Mountains, Albert BierstadtReturn of the Horse Thieves, Charles Marion RussellHunters Return, Thomas Cole
On the Cottage Steps, Theodore GerardStill Life with Flowers and Bird Nest, Severin RoesenStrenuous Life, Charles Marion Russell
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