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Peter Paul Rubens

Study of Cows, Peter Paul RubensHead of a Boy, Peter Paul RubensMary Anointing Jesus Feet, Peter Paul Rubens
Four Negro Heads, Peter Paul RubensFour Negro Heads, Peter Paul RubensStudy of a Male Torso, Peter Paul Rubens
Lion, Peter Paul RubensStudy of a Male Torso, Peter Paul RubensLion, Peter Paul Rubens
Lion, Peter Paul RubensStudy of a Male Torso, Peter Paul RubensStudy of a Male Torso, Peter Paul Rubens
The Crucifixion, Peter Paul RubensPortrait of Anne of Austria (1601-66) Infanta of Spain, Queen of France and Navarre, Peter Paul RubensChrist Between the Two Thieves, 1620, Peter Paul Rubens
Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt, circa 1615-16, Peter Paul RubensThe Fall of the Damned, Peter Paul RubensBust of Plato (circa 427-circa 348 BC) Engraved by Lucas Emil Vorsterman (1595-1675), Peter Paul Rubens
Lamentation over the Dead Christ with St. John and the Holy Women, 1614, Peter Paul RubensHelene Fourment (1614-73) with Two of Her Children, Claire-Jeanne and Francois, circa 1636-37, Peter Paul RubensThe Drunken Silenus, circa 1617-18, Peter Paul Rubens
Elijah Receiving Bread and Water from an Angel, circa 1626-28, Peter Paul RubensPortrait of Anne of Austria (1601-66) circa 1622, Peter Paul RubensMinerva Protects Pax from Mars (Peace and War), 1629-30, Peter Paul Rubens
Garland of Fruit, circa 1615-17, Peter Paul RubensAdoration of the Magi, 1626-29, Peter Paul RubensThe Kermesse, circa 1635-38, Peter Paul Rubens
The Arrival of Marie de Medici (1573-1642) in Marseilles, 3rd November 1600, 1621-25, Peter Paul RubensSt. George and the Dragon, circa 1606, Peter Paul RubensSt. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) Founder of the Jesuits, Peter Paul Rubens
An Autumn Landscape with a View of Het Steen in the Early Morning, circa 1636, Peter Paul RubensRape of the Daughters of Leucippus, Peter Paul RubensThe Judgement of Paris, 1639, Peter Paul Rubens
The Garden of Love, circa 1630-32, Peter Paul RubensA Peasant Dance, 1636-40, Peter Paul RubensVirgin with a Garland of Flowers, circa 1618-20, Peter Paul Rubens
The Hermit and the Sleeping Angelica, 1626-28, Peter Paul RubensDiana and her Nymphs Surprised by Fauns, 1638-40, Peter Paul RubensHelena Fourment in a Fur Wrap, 1636-38, Peter Paul Rubens
The Judgement of Paris, circa 1632-35, Peter Paul RubensA Roman Triumph, circa 1630, Peter Paul RubensBacchanal, Peter Paul Rubens
Equestrian portrait of the Duke of Lerma (1553-1625) 1603, Peter Paul RubensMucius Scaevola Before Porsenna, Peter Paul RubensAdoration of the Magi, 1610, Peter Paul Rubens
The Birth of the Milky Way, 1668, Peter Paul RubensPresentation in the Temple, right panel from the Descent from the Cross triptych, 1611-14, Peter Paul RubensThe Descent from the Cross, central panel of the triptych, 1611-14, Peter Paul Rubens
Adam and Eve, Peter Paul RubensThe Kidnapping of Ganymede, Peter Paul RubensInfant Christ with John the Baptist and Two Angels, 1615/20, Peter Paul Rubens
The Assumption of the Virgin Altarpiece, 1611/14, Peter Paul RubensThe Four Continents, 1615, Peter Paul RubensMaximilian I (1459-1519), 1518, Peter Paul Rubens
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