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Steve Raymer

A Khakass farmer drives his sheep home across the endless steppe, Steve RaymerAerial view of the Mount St, Steve RaymerChicagos skyscrapers pierce dense clouds rolling in from Lake Michigan, Steve Raymer
Sign in the snow, Steve RaymerDilapidated car in front of a ruined wall, Steve RaymerA tour guide displays one of the many hidden entrances to the Cu Chi tunnels, Steve Raymer
One-way sign and street sign in the Arab Street Quarter, Steve RaymerTraffic light and street sign in the Arab Street Quarter, Steve RaymerA refugee from Western Sahara leaves a Red Cross food distribution center, Steve Raymer
View of a French soldier, part of the 13th Demi Brigade of the French Foreign Legion, Steve RaymerStudents wearing masks wade in Lake Nakomas, Steve RaymerCarcass of a bull in the desert sand, Steve Raymer
Person bathing in the Niger River, Steve RaymerSunlight through the trees near Haines, Steve RaymerTree stump, Steve Raymer
Setting sun seen through a grove of trees, Steve RaymerMule deer, Steve RaymerA hand reaches out to touch a name on the Vietnam Wall, Steve Raymer
Top view of a traditional cone-shaped Vietnamese straw hat, Steve RaymerWoman tends terraced rice paddies, Steve RaymerSampans ply the placid waters of Halong Bay, Steve Raymer
Vietnamese cemetery, Steve RaymerRows of mandarin statues guard the weathered tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh, Steve RaymerHindu-influenced art above the entrance of one of the Po Nagar Cham towers, Steve Raymer
Rice farmers cultivate their fields along National Highway 19 near An Khe, Steve RaymerFlags of the former enemies fly together in Hanoi, Steve RaymerA pair of metal leg braces hang on the wall in a local house, Steve Raymer
View along the barrel of an antique tank, Steve RaymerA rusted artillary shell, Steve RaymerTwo fisherman tending to their nets, Steve Raymer
Loaves of bread and various sauces arranged on a small table, Steve RaymerRice grains, Steve RaymerClose view of a Vietnamese dish, Steve Raymer
Local farmers selling their crop at the market, Steve RaymerClose view of chili peppers and other vegetables at a food market, Steve RaymerA Tray Full of War Memorabilia Engraved Zippo Lighters, Dog Tags, Bullets, and Ancient Coins, Steve Raymer
Close view of bamboo pipes bearing designs of dragons, Steve RaymerClose view of offerings made at a Buddhist temple, Steve RaymerClose view of wood strips woven into a mat or container, Steve Raymer
A popular hat in Vietnam resembling a pith helmet, Steve RaymerClose view of rice plants, Steve RaymerClose view of palm fronds, Steve Raymer
Close view of a tree blossom, Steve RaymerClose view of a tree blossom wet with dew, Steve RaymerGreen and white shutters, Steve Raymer
Shot of a stone statue with an expressive face, Steve RaymerClose view of ornamental details on the side of a metal vase, Steve RaymerA flower vendor sitting on a sidewalk next to a row of parked bicycles, Steve Raymer
The top three stories of a pagoda, Steve RaymerA man standing with a mallet to ring a metal bell, Steve RaymerTamarind blossoms blooming on the banks of a lake, Steve Raymer
A local fishermans catch on sale at an outdoor market, Steve RaymerElevated view of a sandy strip of land with white beaches and emerald waters, Steve RaymerGrain field in northern Germany under stormy skies, Steve Raymer
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