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Russian School

The Ribash House (Das Ribasche Haus), Russian SchoolThe Admiralty from the Winter Palace, Russian School (Early 19th Century), Russian SchoolViews Of St. Petersburg And Its Environs And Of Northern Estonia, Russian School, Russian School
Portrait Of The Poet Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin (1799-1837), 1835, Russian SchoolThe Sun and The Zodiac, Russian, Late 18th Century, Russian SchoolThe Mice Bury The Cat, Russian, Late 18th Century, Russian School
The Hunter and The Boar, Russian, Late 18th Century, Russian SchoolThe Prophet Elijah, Pskov School, Russian SchoolAttack on a Jewish House in Konnovino, Near Nijni-Novgorod, 7th June 1884, in LIllustration, Russian School
A Tungusian Shaman, Russian SchoolPeriodic Law of Chemical Elements by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev from Le Moniteur Scientifique, Russian SchoolPeriodic Law of Chemical Elements by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev from Le Moniteur Scientifique, Russian School
A Mongol Shaman, 1820, Russian SchoolThe Prince and The Frog, Published 1899-1900, Russian SchoolTsar Peter The Great on The Battlefield, 1845, Russian School
Tsar Alexander III Surrounded by His Family at Livadia, 1893, Russian SchoolPortrait of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna circa 1898, Russian SchoolPortrait of Tsar Nicholas II in Traditional Coronation Dress, circa 1894, Russian School
Postcard Showing The Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1900, Russian SchoolPostcard Depicting the Potemkin Steps, Odessa, circa 1900, Russian SchoolBird of Paradise, Cover from a Symbolist and Artistic Journal of Russian Emigres, Russian School
Virgin of The Rose, Russian SchoolLenin and His Mother Learning of The Execution of His Brother, 5th May 1887, Russian SchoolThe Komintern Membership Card of Antonio Gramsci 1923, Russian School
Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna in 1896, 1896, Russian SchoolPortrait of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin 1843, Russian SchoolPortrait of Sergei Nechaev (1847-82) Illustration from The Revolutionary Period of Russian History, Russian School
Poster for Sergey Eisensteins Film, Battleship Potemkin, Russian SchoolNaval Battle Between The Swedes and The Russians at Hango Head, 1714, Russian SchoolNikolai Vasilievich Gogol, Russian School
Portrait of Count Alexei Grigorievich Orlov, Russian SchoolThe Insurrection of The Decembrists at Senate Square, St. Petersburg on 14th December, 1825, Russian SchoolStill Life with a Carpet Tablecloth, circa 1730, Russian School
Battle of the Novgorodians with the Suzdalians, Novgorod School, Mid 15th Century, Russian SchoolA Knight Defeating Rot Which is Embodied by a Dragon, Russian SchoolSt Boris and St. Gleb, Russian School
The Marble Palace and the Neva Embankment in St. Petersburg, 1822, Russian SchoolIcon Depicting Christs Entry into Jerusalem, Russian SchoolPortrait of Elizabeth Petrovna Empress of Russia, circa 1750, Russian School
17th Century Zaporogue Cossack, Late 19th Century, Russian SchoolBurial of a Cat by the Mice, Caricature of Tsar Peter the Great 1850, Russian SchoolPortrait of Maria Fyodorovna, Russian School
St. Nicholas of Mozhaisk, Yaroslavl School, Russian SchoolPortrait of Tsar Michael Fyodorovich Romanov of Russia, Russian SchoolUmilenie Virgin of Wladimir, Moscow School, Russian School
Pokrov Icon Depicting the Apparition of the Virgin to Saints in the Church at Blachernes, Russian SchoolIvan IV the Terrible, Russian SchoolThe Summer Palace, St. Petersburg, Russian School
Portrait of the Metropolitan Philaret, Russian SchoolTsar Ivan Alexeevich V, Russian SchoolTsarevna Sophia Alexeevna, 1680s, Russian School
1st Page of Rasputins Journal, 1910, Russian SchoolThe Battle of Poltava, 1750, Russian SchoolOpening of the First Railway Line from Tsarskoe Selo to Pavlovsk in 1837, Russian School
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